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What is AntiVirus software?

AntiVirus software is a set of computer programs that attempt to identify and removes software that
could harm your computer and the information that is stored on it.
Beside computer viruses your computer should be protected against Trojan horses, worms, phishing attacks
and other malware. Read more about AntiVirus software


About Computer Viruses

- A computer virus is a computer program that is written by a malicious author
- They spread by copying themselves, then transferring on to other computers
- There are around 53,000 computer viruses in existence, with a new one detected every 18 seconds
- A computer virus can do anything from popping up a short message to wiping key files so your computer doesn't work
- The "ILOVEYOU" virus infected up to 45 million computers, causing billions dollars worth of damage world-wide

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How to Avoid Viruses ?

To avoid those nasty computer viruses there are a few simple tips for you that will eliminate about 80%
percent of the attacks on your computer;

Most important!!! Make backups on a regular base, it may be the only way to recover your data.
You should backup your entire system on a regular basis, however if this is not practical, at least backup
files that you can’t afford to lose: documents, bookmark files, address books, emails
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Computer Virus Removal

Computer viruses are a real pain in the ass! Deleting and repairing infected files can be challenging, but not impossible.
Follow the steps below for general instructions on how to remove computer viruses from an infected computer.
A few signs of virus infections:
system reboots or slowdowns, computer will not boot, files disappearing.
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